Dry Goods

JR & Sons Food Distribution has everything to cover all your restaurant dry goods & canned goods needs. From a diverse line of herbs and spices, rice and beans, pastas and sauces, bakery supplies, condiments, delicious line of salad dressings (both refrigerated and shelf stable) and more, you can order all at a low minimum to help with your storage restrictions.

We can develop and perfect the perfect blends using unique herbs and spices from around the world.  You can also choose from our assortment of imported and domestic cooking oils, available in a variety of options and sizes with low minimums.

Looking for the perfect pastas and sauces? JR & Sons Food Distribution offers a complete selection of both. Our variety of pastas range from different colors, shapes, sizes, textures and ingredients.  And don't forget our tasty sauce options to perfect the perfect pairing!

JR & Sons Food Distribution offers a full line of bakery supplies, including bread and batter mixes, sugar, yeast, and flour - All available in a variety of blends and textures to suit your needs.

We offer unsurpassed customer satisfaction with our amazing promises to you!

Our Promises to You:

    Our products portfolio reflects our customers’ needs and expectations
    We know time spent ordering and waiting for your delivery is of the utmost importance to our customers. We offer a simple customized-per-customer  ordering solution..
    Deliveries in Dallas/Ft. Worth and throughout Texas.
  • 99%  FILL RATES
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: Direct procurement, in-house managed logistics, passing on the savings and efficiencies to the operator
    We provide alternative and customized solutions tailor made to fit your need down to the last detail.