NOTICE: During these unprecented time, we are currently offering free home delivery on all currently stocked items. 

JR & Sons Food Distribution is an on-demand niche distributor focused on tailoring and curating our products based on restaurants and hospitality operations’ for food, disposable and non-food needs.

We have developed relationships with over 350 suppliers and manufacturers, which allows us to source unique items, allowing your business to
stand out from its competitors. 

Rather than stocking these items, we bring them in on-demand. We are able to do this at a competitive price because of our relationships and pre-negotiated deals.

We realize there’s more to your needs then unique and traditional spices, proteins, seafood, dairy and other products. We also offer private labeling, and are your go to for disposables.

JR & Sons Food Distribution has studied our customers’ needs and developed a unique program that delivers a simple, speedy and customized ordering solution, with on-time delivery and 99% fill rates.


Texas Born – Texas Proud

Founder John Sayklay created JR & Sons Food Distribution with a passion for curating and creating unique blends of flavor in meat, poultry, and seafood in Texas and throughout the United States.  Knowing chefs’ needs for wanting to uniquely stand out with their menu offerings, John solely developed his business with the customers menu for success in mind.  John Saklay of JR Sons Food DistributionWith over 30 years of sourcing experience, along with his passion and wealth of knowledge of just how to serve customers, John has created a unique business focused on curating delicious and unique products sourced from farms in Texas and throughout the country offering organic, non GMO products, and more – to match the demands of his customers.  From this knowledge, John has developed a pricing and delivery plan to match pricing with quality branded products.  

Our commitment to our customers and partners is our highest priority

As a dedicated Texas Food Distributor, JR & SONS Food Distribution is a customer always first, price driven and quality product food distribution company. What does this mean to you? We ALWAYS put the customer first. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations with exceptional pricing and products. We can only survive if you, the customer, are satisfied and make every effort of delivering our quality products with excellent customer service and support.










Dry Goods

Our Promises to You

    Our products portfolio reflects our customers’ needs and expectations
    We know time spent ordering and waiting for your delivery is of the utmost importance to our customers. We offer a simple customized-per-customer  ordering solution.
    Deliveries in Dallas/Ft. Worth and throughout Texas.
  • 99%  FILL RATES
  • COMPETITIVE PRICING: Direct procurement, in-house managed logistics, passing on the savings and efficiencies to the operator
    We provide alternative and customized solutions tailor made to fit your need down to the last detail.